Top 9 Modern Logo Design Trends for 2019

logo design trends 2019

Logo design trends 2019! Make your brand icon with these trending designing ideas.

What makes a business logo unique?  Could we base the criteria on usefulness or is it determined by public perception and reception?  If you want your logo to be outstanding and current, you would need to be aware of design trends nowadays and how they are continuing to revolutionize the landscape of E-Commerce.

If you want to predict what kind of logo design will make it big in the coming years, it would be best to base your predictions on past designs.  Today, designers are looking into the present trends to define new styles and continue to push the envelope in 2019.  We will be able to see new color schemes as well as further expression and experimentation within the design itself.  Designers are developing new ways of elevating logo concepts with the use of familiar design styles and color which will make 2019 the year of eye-catching logo designs for sure.

Top Nine Modern Logo Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2019

  1. Variable logo design
  2. New Age Geometry
  3. Eye-Tricking Logo Designs
  4. Colors with a Purpose
  5. Negative Space
  6. Minimalist Shifts
  7. Logo Designs with Pedigree
  8. Overlapping Elemental Designs
  9. Detail-Focused Designs

1. Variable logo design

Today, designers work in a time where companies have awareness of how important the logo is in terms of multi-platform accessibility.  These brands are not concerned with just visibility on different platforms, they are now more concerned with further audience engagement through the design.  They want to build a personal connection with the audience through the logo.  They keep asking how the logo will speak to both millennial and traditional families.  Fortunately, we now have variable logos that could adjust depending on the specific audience.

By 2019, this particular trend will get rid of the general logo designs through using variable patterns.  The clients could build a personal connection with the customer because their logos can easily adapt to the viewer himself.  The modern designer can use specialized icons, dynamic fonts as well as customized design themes to help create real connections to the audience’s specific wants in a product.

The flexibility of the variable logos makes it such a popular logo design pattern for theater productions.  If a company wants to add personal touches to their professional relationship with the consumer, they usually use this particular design because it is targeted to a certain type of audience and makes the logo instantly recognizable. Make sure to look out for this particular logo pattern and its different ways of adapting to the audience creatively in 2019.

2. The New Age Geometry

As soon as certain logo design styles become familiar to the audience, we are limiting their chances to improve inadvertently.  For example: using geometric designs.  The downside of this particular pattern is that it has become ordinary.  Although it may be easier to think of geometric shapes as such, in the next year, this will all change when designers deliberately pair up the shapes with vibrant colors and user-friendly compositions to change the overall look.

By taking those common objects and layering it with the right amount of color and thickness, the designers were able to take much more technical shapes and combine it with the limited style of modern branding.  In turn, this personalizes the whole design experience for the audience.

3. Eye-Tricking Logo Designs

This logo trend focuses on deception.  It is based on the French term “trompe l’oeil” which means to deceive the eye.  When you are so used to recycling ideas in your head for design, experimenting with visual trickery in logo design can definitely keep your enthusiasm for the whole exercise alive.  This is one of the innovative practices that designers are using to reactivate their creativity.  It is also one of the many trends that will emerge in 2019;  logos that trick the viewers’ vision.  It explicitly uses perception and distortion.  Fragmented designs as well as broken or warped images can definitely fit in here.

4. Colors with a Purpose

Using colors to tell a story can help logo designers build relationships between the brand and the customer.  Simply speaking, different colors such as red release a different kind of emotion from the audience.  In this case, it can release passionate courage and burning desire.  This trend can get tricky however when the logo design becomes heavily reliant on color scheme to reveal its identity.  It can make or break the whole logo design.  Finding the right palette is important in this particular endeavor.

Choosing the right color will help Foster better communications between brands and its audience.  This will work better in advertising compared to just using colors to attract consumer attention.  In 2019, the meaning behind using specific color palettes will become extremely important.  Logo designers will focus more on using color to express their own purpose in designing the logo.  Using certain shades to reveal the meaning and purpose of the brand on purpose will work wonderfully.

5. Negative Space

The most popular example of this would be the FedEx logo by Lindon Leader.  The hidden arrow between the E and X is a truly clever way of logically representing what the company is all about: package delivery!

However, aside from using it on the FedEx logo, negative space is truly a popular design trend that has been and will continue being used by designers in 2019.  Taking something away from the design concept will push that area into a more assertive position in the presentation.  These designers believe in breaking down the design concept by using fewer elements to elevate the design category.

6. The Minimalist Shift

Minimalism is one of the most familiar and salient trends in design.  At this point, minimalism can be considered as more of a necessity than a trend.  It has been several decades since minimalism made an impact on the design landscape during the seventies.  However, it is still being used today.  Designers still continue to learn the art of stripping down the design to its very essence.  They are continuing to learn how to use abstract concepts in a more prominent way as well.

This abstract design shift enhances the minimalist effect in logo designs thus making them more outstanding.  Minimalism is more of a weapon then a design style.  It focuses on the message of the logo rather than design art.  This is according to Ian Douglas.  It provides enough artistry to anchor the design without weighing heavy on the audience’s imagination.

This is how a designer used a minimalist concept in abstract art.  It effectively raises the bar for minimalist designs.

7. Logo Designs with Pedigree

Some business executives such as Stella Artois have used the same logo for her establishment with little to no changes since the early 14th century.  Creating a timeless logo design can serve a brand well in telling its story through the years.  The practice is not new in the world of design.  In fact, it is the most requested trend that every client has for each designer.  It will even grow more popular this year for sure.

In 2019, brands will decide to become more authentic rather than notorious in the hopes that their legacy will last for many years as that of Stella Artois.  In the pursuit of reliability, Brands are looking for more classic designs that seem to have existed already for many years despite being brand new.  Logos with vintage texturing, the artisan touch, precision in line-work and a unique crest design will be the focus.

8. Overlapping Elemental Designs

This design trend basically has to do with the use of opacity and layering various shapes on top of one another to create outstanding marks in pictures, wordmarks, etc.  This particular trend also uses other elements from similar trends in this list.  Overlapping designs using shapes, colors and negative space will take center stage this year.

Some brands have already started utilizing this design trend when it comes to their own logos.  Now others are starting to follow and realize its full potential.  PayPal started it all in 2014.  They revealed their new logo with 2 P’s overlapping.  It shows off the company’s love for their 250,000,000 users.

9. Detail-Focused Designs

Logos can serve as a small canvas for a designer’s imagination.  They can use this to paint a picture of the brand identity and what it means.  With the inclusion of responsiveness across multiple platforms in the concept, it can be difficult to create a logo that would dare combine these elements with intricate design details.

However, in 2019, designs will be able to do just that.  These upcoming trends highlight minimalism so it’s quite exciting to see an opposite trend at work here; the more elements in the design, the better.  The attention is in the details.

Are you ready for create trending logo design in 2019?

What are we to expect this coming year?  This is truly one of the most exciting times when it comes to logo design.  Trends would intertwine and form beneficial relationships to one another.  It wouldn’t be a surprise to see a combination of minimalism and variable designs as well as negative space and overlapping elements.  Designers are daring to experiment even more with logo designs that would be exciting to see having its impact in 2019!

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