Why Hire eCommerce Web Designer in Kerala, India?

ecommerce web designer in kerala

Hire a freelance eCommerce web designer in Kerala, India!

If you are planning to build an e-commerce business, you must be having some ideas on what you want. The building, maintaining and keeping a scalable website requires creativity and hard work. Trying to do it on your own will divert you from your primary responsibilities of product sourcing, copywriting, shipping, customer service etc. You must look for the best e-commerce website designer in Kerala.

Benefits of hiring eCommerce website designers in Kerala, India

E-commerce is one of the most sought-after professions today.  Using a professional e-Commerce website development company in India will ensure you get a site that will match your business needs.

  • Domain expertise: A small business may have budget restraints to hire a top-notch eCommerce web development professional. The Indian website designers are on par with the other e-Commerce professionals, in technological know-how and can be affordable price-wise.
  • Deliver excellent results: Whether a freelancer or a full-fledged agency, the designers and developers perform to the best of their abilities. Understanding the competition in the market, they put in the extra effort to deliver the best results.
  • Meet deadlines: They make sure they complete and deliver the project within the specified timeframe. They employ different strategies in the various projects that they undertake to maintain uniqueness.
  • Build relationships: The designers and developers believe in building long-term relationships. Whether it is a new project or a revamp to an existing one, they consider the work as a new challenge. In addition, you will have the complete resources to focus on core business.
  • Technological expertise: The latest and globally accepted tools and techniques will be put into use to build your website. You can gain an edge in your industry with the latest tools, robust plug-ins, and advanced technologies.

Type of e-Commerce Web Designer Providers in Cochin, Kerala

When you search for the best e-commerce developers in Kerala State, you will find full-fledged e-commerce development agencies and freelancers as well. While they both strive to provide you with the best quality work, the difference lies in the way they operate.


A freelancer is an independent worker. The primary advantage of working with them is you are in direct contact with the person who will build the e-commerce store. They are affordable, retain consistency in quality.


An agency has fixed timings and sometimes rigid in their rules. The designers cannot ignore the policies and must abide with them. A company will have several designers on their rolls. Each of them has their own style of working although they do not flaunt any of the agency rules. You can insist on a specific designer if you are comfortable with their way of presentation.

Tips to choose the best eCommerce web designer in Kochi, Ernakulam

Consumer awareness is growing. While the focus is shifting to social media, visual, and mobile, business owners are under pressure to improve the visitor experience.

Consider the following factors before choosing a service provider.


Although you cannot undermine the skills of a fresh web designer, looking for an experienced service provider will enable you to judge their standards. Reasons for the same include

  • An experienced designer will maintain a strong portfolio.
  • They have the expertise with all the technologies, new and old.
  • Ask if they have worked on a project similar to what you have in mind.
  • How will they make your portal stand out in the crowd?


As mentioned earlier, if it is a freelancer, you will have direct contact with the designer. However, if it is an agency you have chosen, you must ask questions like

  • Who will work on your project, if they have a team?
  • What is their experience level?
  • What if you find the work unsatisfactory?
  • What about deadlines? Will they deliver within the stipulated time?
  • Are they meeting all the compliances and practices?
  • Is your online store responsive and compatible with all the browsers and devices?


The designer’s portfolio can be a good way to learn if they can develop a website of your choice. The sites, of course, will not match in total to your ideas the way you want, but you will get an idea of their capabilities. Ask for

  • Samples of the e-Commerce sites they have already developed.
  • Is the work similar to what you have in mind for your project?
  • Check if the site’s performance is seamless.

Client testimonials and references

Reading reviews or talking to people who have used the services previously is a great way to learn about the provider’s capability. It will help to know the agency better.  This will give information regarding

  • Quality of services
  • Capability to tailor make as per your business needs
  • Maintain elitism in their work
  • The reputation of the agency.

Customer support

You may need your provider’s assistance during and after the project is completed.  Find out a few details like

  • How much time do they take to respond to your queries?
  • Is their support team effective in resolving the issues you have raised?
  • Do they offer 24/7 support or work during business hours?
  • How polite are they?
  • What are their communication standards?

Basic concerns to clear before you hire e-Commerce web designers

There could some additional information you can ask the designers before you take your final decision.

Did they work on a project in the industry you want your site developed?

The portfolio will display the earlier websites built by an e-commerce designer. But the industry is evolving. The technologies they used to build the site could be obsolete now. The best e-Commerce agency will devise a strategy being designing a project and make sure it is compatible and scalable with the new technologies.

Which platforms do you specialize in?

There is many e-commerce software such as Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento and similar. Some agencies focus only on a single software. It may or may not suit your ideas.

How much time do they require to complete your project?

if the agency is charging on a per hour basis, choosing one that proposes the lowest number of hours will save you money. However, be wary of people who promise to complete the project in a short time. They may do so to grab the business and can compromise on quality or skip some service.

What are the payment terms?

It is important to maintain transparency. Ask your provider what services have been included in their quote.  Do they charge on an hourly basis or a fixed price per project? What if it is delayed beyond the deadlines? How many revisions will they allow?

What are the payment gateways they offer?

The payment gateway design should be as per your needs. This will allow you to provide an integrated solution for Point of Sale (PoS). Your customers will have the choice to complete their transaction with the gateway they are comfortable with.  Some prominent payment gateways include PayPal, Amazon Pay, PayUMoney etc.

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