Advantages of a Simple Website Design

simple website design

When it comes to web design, what appeals most to clients at the present is the design with the minimalist approach. However, websites which are thought to be minimalist are actually sometimes not at all “simple”. What really counts in web designing and considered as key elements are the efficiency of the website to run smoothly in the internet browser; easy to use and gives the user a generalize feel of simplicity in terms of looks, navigation and usefulness – simple. Why won’t we take a look on a number of basic yet significant benefits of simple web design over sophisticated designs?

Benefits of Simple and Minimalist Website Design

1. Easy maintenance and navigation; excessive information on a website can make a topsy-turvy look on the entire site, giving users a hard time into navigating within sections after sections of pages. This can turn out to be complicated and downright confusing. However, a simple site design will simply involve a few pages where users can easily navigate their way inside and look around with ease using simple navigating tools. If you think that you that your website somewhat having the problems of usability, it might be a good idea to simplify the design for easy navigation. Here are some tips on how you can simplify it:

  • The entire website should rely on a consistent system of navigation;
  • A single menu for navigation should be enough;
  • Incorporating the essential elements of navigation into the entire design will create a more holistic and simple system navigation.

2. Faster loading time for simple designs – the rule is quite basic: simple is small in terms of file size. Calling on a number of stylesheets will be avoided when using a streamlined design. There are also very low occurrences in making HTTP requests when the design uses simple and minimum contents.

3. Robots scan contents. Visitors look for immediate information when they enter websites; however, your contents might end up in the background after too many not-so-useful ornamental elements. This is bad for you. Information should be laid in the frontline where it is readily useful for the visitors and can be easily scanned by robots from the search engines.

4. Simple sites are way too easy and quick to make. As much as possible, code your designs as efficient and simple as you can. A few useful and direct-to-the-point pages take only a very quick and easy process of coding. Always put in mind to make your site effective in terms of functionality and navigation; the entire appearance will all fall down to its place.

Two words: Simplify it!

Your design could end-up having a cluttered look. Try to simplify it by removing excess and un-useful elements ornamental parts; such parts are illustrative images, image effects such as: drop shadows, borders etc.

Try to rethink your design and don’t be afraid to be skeptical. Try to evaluate the usefulness, functionality and practicality of the encoded elements. Combining particular elements will provide simplicity in the stylesheets.

3 thoughts on “Advantages of a Simple Website Design

  1. Yes, because when you design a website you can make all the changes that you want, you decide what type of website it is, and in simpler words you’re in control. Its the same with your life. You decide how you want your life to be, just like a website. However it’s a lot more difficult.

  2. Lori Absher says:

    Thank you! I’m in the process of trying to strip away excess anything keeping the thoughts of… Unify. Simplify. Amplify. at the core.

  3. Bruce W. Roeser says:

    Yeah, exactly. We’ve gotten so hung up on making pretty websites. It has its place but sometimes the complexity of maintaining a pretty face obscures the point: to get some kind of job done.

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