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6 Best Ways to Earn Money as a Freelance Web Designer from Home

Are you thinking of working as a full time freelance web designer from the comfort of your own home anytime soon?  If your answer is yes, then this is the article that you should be reading right now.  We will try to give you some tips on what you can do to really make this career as lucrative as possible right from your own living room.

Tips on how to make money as a freelance website designer

1. Prepare Yourself Financially

First, you have to make sure that you will be able to support yourself financially for the long haul first.  The best way to earn money from freelancing whether as a web designer or anything else is to establish yourself first and to have a steady customer base.

Doing this takes time.  This is why you would have to have a good amount of savings first before you decide to embark on freelancing as a career.  Make sure that you can support yourself for many months because freelancing is a fickle business.  You may not find clients right away especially as a beginner.

2. Focus on a Special Skill

Secondly, if you really want to be the best freelancer out there, you need to have a specialization.  In this case, web designing can definitely be a good choice.  You have to have an available skill to market if you really want to succeed as a freelancer.

Some of the best skills for you to focus.

  • Small business website designing
  • Landing page design service
  • Website Home page design
  • PSD Layout Design
  • HTML and CSS solutions
  • PSD to HTML Conversion
  • Basic SEO services
  • Mobile UI Design
  • Freelance eCommerce website designing

Take time to further develop yourself.  Attend web design seminars and trainings online.  This way, you will be able to apply all the lessons that you will learn from the training sessions into your future work as a web designer from home.

3. Start Small

If you’re just starting out in this freelancing business, take it easy first.  By this, I mean take as many entry level jobs as you can.  This way, you will get to familiarize yourself with your chosen field of web designing online and build a credible body of work simultaneously.

It will be easy to establish yourself as a home based web designer if you already have a large body of work to prove it.  Yes, you wouldn’t earn too much at first, but eventually you will gain experience and a good reputation in return.  It will get back to you in spades for sure anyway.

4. Build a Network

Learn the importance of networking.  This is how you get as many clients as possible.  Join freelancing websites, groups and online organizations that can give you what you need in terms of potential people to work with.

This way, you will be able to develop connections that can lead you to potential jobs right from the start.

5. Create an Extensive Portfolio

By joining legitimate freelancing websites, you would be able to build your portfolio right away.  If they would allow, go ahead and post samples of your work as a web designer onto the website so that people could see what you have to offer.

In this regard, you can also build your own page and post samples of your work there.  It would be easy enough to link your website to your freelancing profile to gain profit eventually.

6. Be a Professional Web Designer Freelance Expert

Once you get your first client, you have to be professional.  Deliver your final product on time and as per instructions.  Be clear and flexible about your rates as well.  If you can, do your research on the client first before accepting the job.  This way, you will get to know what he wants and how he does his work accordingly.

Once you deliver the work successfully, you will be able to begin building a good reputation with your clients and eventually make a name for yourself in the world of freelance web designing.


After successfully building your own reputation as a reliable home based freelance website designer, everything else will surely follow. The important thing here is to be patient.  Success and profit does not happen overnight.  You have to cultivate connections and a steady stream of clientele to build credibility and revenue.

Are you thinking to make some extra income as a freelancing web designer?

People will come to you for all their web design needs eventually.  You just have to be willing to spend time and make the effort to better yourself as a freelance web designer.

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