Top Graphic Designers Go Creative to Spread the Precautions During the Pandemic Outbreak

top graphic designers

At a time when the world is battling the coronavirus, illustrators and designers shower hope and positivity with informative artwork. People are acclimatizing to the new normal to minimize the chances of catching or spreading the virus. The professional graphic designers are contributing towards the awareness campaign, educating the masses, with pioneering illustrations.

The awareness campaign is not restricted to one industry or country. Every professional is doing his bit and what better way to spread the campaign than through digital media.

The United Nations asked the creatives to design messages on the need for physical distancing, proper hygiene, and myth-busting.

If you want to know more about United Nations global call out to creators to help to spread awareness against Covid-19, visit their page.

The response was tremendous, with unique and powerful messages from professionals from across the world. One case which has helped New Zealand control the spread is through the animated illustrations. The purpose of the illustration is to show how one can avoid physical touch and still greet with affection.

The graphic design illustrator inspirations

The graphic designer’s mind is always working, looking for creative ideas. Some innovative messages they convey through illustrations are

  • Know the symptoms
  • Break the chain
  • Wash hands
  • Stay at home
  • Be responsible
  • Avoid large gatherings
  • Maintain physical distance
  • Alternatives to handshakes.

COVID-19 essentials

The dreaded pandemic has transformed people’s lifestyles and changed the way they shop. Several e-stores have mushroomed, offering an extensive range of essential products such as masks, sprays, sanitizers, gloves, oximeters, and similar.  To be competitive, they look for efficient ways to promote their products and seek a reliable web and graphic design company.

The agency can help by providing distinct and high-quality packaging and labeling designs. The labels and packaging will have complete details on how to use the product, safety norms, precautions, and warnings. Almost all the products are manufactured in different shapes, sizes, and colors, where applicable.

1] Face mask packaging design:

Face masks are the best protection to avoid droplets falling when a person coughs or sneezes from close range. Further, the droplets stay within the mask when you sneeze or cough. The packaging design must be simple, vibrant, as well as legible or the users may miss important information.

Learn tips to make interesting package design from here

2]  Hand Sanitizer and hand wash label design:

Hand sanitizers are another vital must-have for everyone. Hygiene, personal care, and cleanliness are one way of safeguarding oneself against COVID-19. The sanitizers mostly come in transparent bottles with the composition and ingredient details. Likewise, the hand wash packaging comes in attractive colors and aromas.

3] Infrared thermometer packaging design:

The packaging of thermometers varies depending on the type and shape. They usually come in blue or green color packaging with specifications on how to use, reading time, and more.

4] PPE kits:

Personal protective equipment(PPE) includes gowns, vests, bodysuits, face shields, gloves, head cover, safety glasses, shoes, etc. The kit is very useful in protecting against illnesses and injuries. The packaging designs and specifications differ per product.

Why Graphic design is vital:

Create an imprint of your brand

First impressions are important, more so if it is a new business. People will approach a company when they understand what it sells. Having a good design will convey the message effectively. It is not a layman’s job to handle website design. That is one reason top Indian graphic designers are always a necessity for a business to be successful. They promote and convey the company’s objectives with engaging, eye-catching brochures, graphics, posters, and much more.

Branding of assets

The graphic designer also crafts a logo for all the resources for the customer to correlate. Also, it helps a customer identify, connect, and make quick decisions improving conversions.

Tells the story

Design is more effective in communicating a brand’s goals. All this requires a combination of colors, typography, font, and more, which only a professional designer can provide.

Bottom line

When the design is poor and shabby, the visitor will immediately hit the back button. As a result, you could be losing a customer forever. Hiring an expert to design your website at the beginning will save you many hassles and money.

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