Top 10 Web Design Principles for A Successful Business Website

Following the web design principles listed in the article will help web designers to create effective website designs. This article is compiled some of the important principles of web designing.

Nowadays, more businesses understand the importance of a good online presence in a competitive market. One of the significant aspects of a high converting website is the design. The design can make the website either a success or a failure.

Top Web Design Principles to Create a Good Website

Take a look at the top list of website design principles are given below.

1. Website Purpose

The website should accommodate the needs of the users. Having a clear purpose on every page will help the users to find what they are looking for on your site.

If you are creating the best eCommerce website designs for an online store. The designs should be appealing to the potential customers to make sales.

2. Simplicity

Simplicity is the key to have better usability of a website. Having complex designs will be overwhelming for the website visitors and it will distract them from the information they want from the site.

The colors, images, typography, etc., can influence the simplicity of a website. With the right combination of these elements, a website can be very attractive.

3. Easy Navigation

Navigation is helping users to find the page or information on the website they need. There is a popular web design rule regarding navigation, known as a three-click rule which suggests:

A website user should be able to find any information with no more than three mouse clicks

If the users couldn’t find the information quickly, they are likely to leave the site immediately. This will increase your bounce rates.

4. F-shaped Pattern Reading

Many eye-tracking studies say, the attention of users goes to the top and left areas of the screen, similar to the Alphabet F. Website designers can use this to place content on the website based on its importance and have a significant impact on the website’s effectiveness.

5. Content

An effective website will have a great design combined with great content. Creating engaging and informative content is important to attract users. Good content has many benefits from an SEO perspective too.

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6. Grid-Based Layout

Grids help to structure your web designs and keep the content organized. The grid helps to align elements on the page and make it look clean. The grid-based layout is very useful to build an aesthetically pleasing website.

7. Faster Load Time

One of the critical web design principles is the faster loading speed of the website. If a business website took more time to load, the business will lose many of their customers. The website should load within 3 seconds. Optimizing image sizes will help to load a website faster.

8. Mobile Friendly

The number of people using the internet on mobile phones is huge. That is why the top web design companies are offering responsive web design services which make the website adjust according to the screen size.

9. Correct Placement of CTA

The call-to-action button placement is important in a website design. An experienced designer creating attractive landing page designs will make sure the CTA button is immediately noticeable.

10. Focus on The User Experience

The most important thing to make a business website successful is by providing a good user experience to customers. Make sure every aspect of the website gives is targeted to give excellent UX.

How to Find Website Design Inspirations which follows Web Design Principles

Plenty of web design galleries is available out there which helps web designers looking to have a great career in the web design industry. The designs will inspire you to create brilliant designs.

Web Design Principles for Successful Business Website – In a Nutshell

Top web design principles for a successful business website are given in this article. This web design guide will help you create effective business websites for clients and have more opportunities in the future.

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