Tips to Consider When Designing an eCommerce Website

ecommerce web design tips

Building an e-commerce website is not easy. They are designed not only to showcase your products but to convince the customers to complete a transaction as well. The design requires to be intuitive with a COA (call for action). Consider the following factors for your e-commerce stores

Top effective eCommerce web design tips for your online store development

Design must match the products

Your eCommerce website design must be consistent to the products that you offer. The design, color, and text express your website. Showcase the products with images and a brief description. Make them easily reachable.

 Focus on shopping cart

It should be user-friendly, enable the consumers to easily add multiple items, edit the order, remove items, product recommendations, summary, and continue shopping etc.

Shipping rates

One reason why consumers shop online is convenience. if the shipping costs are high, they may change their mind and shop in a retail store saving some money. However, if you keep the shipping rates low, the clients will not mind paying since they save time and travel.

eCommerce website Checkout process:

Online shoppers want to save time. You must not insist on them to create an account or register to make their purchases. Allow guest checkouts. Although you may not be able to promote or communicate with them, you can expect instant conversions. Keep the check-out short on one page.

Payment options:

Let the consumer have the freedom to choose their mode of payment. Allow as many payment gateways. Your customers could be from any region and they will prefer to pay with a solution they are comfortable with.


Let your customer know you are just a click away. Let them know they can instantly reach you in any mode of communication.


Shoppers will hesitate to part with their financial information when closing a transaction if your site is not secure. You must have SSL and encrypt all the information that is passing between you and the consumer.

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