Ten Tips in Raising “Likes” in Your Facebook Fan Page

how to increase likes on facebook

Top 10 tips on how to increase likes on facebook page for free

A business—big or small—should have its own Facebook page. This is not a prerequisite but this can be an advantage to the business’ success. A Facebook fan page can help build the reputation and brand of your business.

Once you have your own Facebook fan page, the next step is to have it “like-d” by Facebook users and this is the gruelling and the most difficult part. Studies have showed that only 9% of Facebook users are interested to “like” business’ Facebook fan page.

It may be hard, but it is not impossible. Below you will find ten tips that you can use to leverage your chances of being “like-d” and to have your Facebook fan page a successful portal of marketing and advertisement for your business.

1. Enhance your Facebook fan page.

Most businesses stop on enhancing their pages once they already created their account. This is not so, the people who you have to attract to “like” your page should see something from you. You can post pictures of your products and current company events on your page or you can put on calendar of sales and promos of your company and the likes. These will entice them to subscribe on your Facebook page.

2. Update your Facebook fan page religiously.

Keeping your account as updated as possible will attract “likers”. Every now and then, you can post status of your business or you can upload photos of your product and a brief review of it from clients. You can also post articles of your business and products reviews or link some videos of news coverage or customers’ testimonials regarding your business and products or services.

3. Post discount coupons or promotional materials exclusively on your Facebook fan page.

Likers of your page should benefit or gain from the page because that is the nature of things—they liked your account so it is your responsibility to do something in return. You can exclusively post a discount coupon for likers of your fan page or you can update your page with promos and sales of your business. Be creative and be unique.

4. Optimize the tag option.

Other than the like button, you can also make use of the “tag” option wherein you can link the names of Facebook users so they, too, can become acquainted with the photos or status on your fan page. If you tag something interesting and catchy, then you can observe that these users will share or like your photos or status and it will become a trend in Facebook users’ newsfeeds—thereby enhancing your connection.

5. Create appealing and likeable photo caption.

Uploading photos without a caption is leaving your audience haunting for information. So, take note that you should create appealing and likeable photo caption not just lengthy and dull wordings—so that you can generate more likes on your fan page.

6. List down personal information of your clients and business associates.

These information are vital so that you can connect with them—these people are potential “likers” of your fan page.

7. Send reminders to your contacts if necessary.

There are critical events and occasions on your business calendar wherein you wanted your contacts in Facebook to be reminded of and prompted of the details of such important event. Do so, if necessary; but be sensitive enough to remain polite and brings no inconvenience on the part of your recipients.

8. Boost the page’s like by sharing.

There is a share button with groups, with friends and in your timeline. So if there is an important news or announcement that you would like other organizations and associations to know, then use this share option.

9. Remain appreciative.

If you have charitable events, then being grateful and thankful to those who supported the activity is a must. This is no different even if you are just launching your fan page, conducting a simple program, spearheading a press conference and the likes; you have to be appreciative of all the people and individuals who made possible the success of the activity.

10. Always be ready to lend a hand.

If you want to be helped in your times of need, then you must be ready to lend a hand to those who are in need. Do a favour and you will receive a favour in multiples.

Looking to Increase the likes on your facebook page for free?

These are the ten tips that you can use when you launch your Facebook fan page and find it difficult to raise the “likes” in your account. It is hard and time-consuming, yes; but, it is possible and worth-while taking.

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One thought on “Ten Tips in Raising “Likes” in Your Facebook Fan Page

  1. Ashley Owen says:

    This was a very useful article. I’ve actually been trying to use Facebook for a professional contract for quite some time with little to no success; and after reading the list of ten tips above, I think I might be beginning to understand why. Facebook completely confused me when I first signed up for it, and it isn’t that I’m technologically behind; I just don’t usually use online social media. I’m up to speed on most of the other things going on right now, but I didn’t even understand the full use of the SHARE and TAG options that are available on Facebook. Updating the page consistently and offering some sort of incentive to keep coming back are really great ideas that I plan to incorporate in my marketing strategies from now on. Thanks for the great article!

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