Benefits of Hiring a Shopify Web Development Company for an eCommerce Store

Shopify web development company helps you own an eCommerce website based on that particular platform. Shopify is a top-notch online store development platform that lets the clients have a user-friendly website with many cutting edge technologies. It is now a top online store platform for businesses ranging from small to large.

Now a large number of online retail business is powered by this platform. Many businesses are opted to go with it and some are migrated to this platform from others. This platform allows you to have many customization features. It lets the developer to customize the website many themes and apps. You can set up the advanced Shopify homepage section as per your needs. This will make your website appealing to more audiences and generate more revenue.

Building an online shop using this eCommerce platform is a simple task. But make it look different from others need an expert hand. There are many reasons that make the platform stand out from others. Also, to choose an eCommerce development agency there are some criteria to look for. This article is for giving you an idea about the things related to hiring a Shopify development company.


Why Choosing Shopify While Developing an eCommerce Store

There are many eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, BigCommerce, OpernCart, etc. Shopify is the most popular among them. The main reason behind this popularity is because of its unique features they offer to online store owners and their customers. A correct eCommerce development company can utilize all those features. But first, you have to learn the advantages or features of this platform. They are listed below.

Easy to Set Up

This platform is very easy to setup. The person doesn’t need to have deep web development knowledge to set up this. It is as simple as applying a new theme to your website. To implement more functionalities and all require a dedicated Shopify development agency. They can optimize the website and improve performance. But you don’t have to worry about hosting and development. In short, you can launch your online store in a very short time. The admin panel is very simple and easy to handle.

Technologically Advanced

The integration of new technology makes it better than other websites. It uses the latest technologies to give both free and paid themes and templates. Most of the free platforms are have a limited number of features. But Shopify comes with many pre-built functionalities that are essential for an online store. The customers will be impressed by the set of features they get from the site.

Dynamic Payment Systems

In this platform, the payment options integration is very easy. You can add all the common payment methods with the store. This will allow more customers to make a purchase on your website. The platform offers highly secure methods to transfer money. So no need to worry about hackers looting your money.

Perfect for Developers

Technology grows day-by-day and the eCommerce platform you used should be apt for all those technological advancements. Shopify lets developers integrate apps and plugins seamlessly with the website. The apps can be connected with an online store without changing the primary infrastructure of the platform. Integrating with such apps can improve the user experience. Their official website lists all the features, themes and sample designs to help developers.

Good for Product Management

Every online store owner looking for solutions that can cover their requirements. The services they require will vary according to the products they sell. At the initial stage of set up, Shopify lets you choose the themes and templates that suit your store. There is a wide range of options are available to choose from. This allows you to categorize the products and add different pages for each product. Then it will be easy to find them. A well-organized store will give a better purchase experience for the users.

Marketing and SEO Friendly

Web traffic is the key to the success of any website. So finding the website using a search engine should be simple or else the customers will find another site. Shopify is built in a way that search engine crawlers can find the site and rank on top of search results. Because the websites that are easy to crawl will rank higher. Also, the responsiveness of the website can make it SEO friendly.

Technical Support

The business owner does need to have a support team for any technical assistance. The development company will give all the technical support you need. This support includes 24/7 service for the perfect running of the website. The assistance won’t be expensive.

What to Look for in A Shopify Development Agency?

Shopify is a major eCommerce platform that has all the important features to build an online shop. To build such a website the business owner needs the assistance of a web development agency. The company should be very familiar with projects on the eCommerce platform. They must have a good reputation in the industry. To find out the suitable agencies you have to check out some aspects and they are given below. But if you are looking for a freelancer, then is the best option for getting high quality at a reasonable price.

Excellent communication skills

The consultants in the agency needs to have excellent communication skills to learn every small detail the client specifies as they want. They should be able to tell the current status of the project at any instant of development. And they must respond to the client’s messages as soon as possible.

An amazing portfolio

The portfolio of the agency should have some of their previous projects using this particular platform. You should check the sites and verify do they possess the quality you expected. Check the functionalities and loading speeds. Then you can hire the agency for the best quality websites.

Testimonials from satisfied customers

Check the reviews and testimonials from customers. There are many sources for reading reviews, like Google. If the testimonials suggest the developers are providing better service and delivering it on time, then they are a good option.


A unique and innovative approach

Don’t hire web developers who make websites that look similar to other websites. Only those who have innovative ideas can make a website look appealing to customers. The user interface of a website has a major role in improving user experience.

A satisfaction guarantee

The developers must be very serious about customer satisfaction. Maybe you want to make some modifications after the project is submitted. So they must be ready to do the work over and over until the gets satisfied with the result. As told above the reviews and testimonials can give a rough idea about that.

A post-development support plan

Websites will never be perfect. The developer’s job is not over when the website goes live. The websites always need some maintenances to work properly. So the developer should be available for maintenance and support services in the future. This maintenance cost also should be very affordable like the primary development costs.

Where to Find a Shopify Development Company?

Once you learn how you are going to select an agency, you have to find the developers or agencies to choose from. There is a simple and effective way by asking other business owners who own an eCommerce store. The second method to find an eCommerce development company is by using the Internet.

Not only business owners but sometimes eCommerce development companies around the globe are looking for a reliable freelancer or an agency to outsource the services like Shopify development. This outsourcing gave more opportunities to companies in India. Because there are many reliable and affordable eCommerce development agencies in India.

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The Internet method to find a developer need a little explanation. This section is discussing where the business owner should look to find the developers.

Shopify experts directory

Shopify has their own website to list the designers and developers specialized in its development. The site contains their pricing, location, and rating.


If meeting the developers in person is your choice, then attend the Meetups organized by Shopify itself. These meetups occur all over the world. This gives the developers a min advantage of having contacts.


You can simply search Shopify web development company in Google to find them. The companies with high search engine rankings will appear on the first page. This indirectly says they have good SEO services.


The Upwork is a website where you can find freelance Shopify web designers and developers. The site contains millions of freelancers and registered clients.

Clutch is another website for software and web development agencies. This lets you choose from thousands of firms.

Closing Thoughts

The Shopify eCommerce platform is used to build online stores for start-ups to corporates. The main reason that attracts many towards this platform is the wide range of customization options it offers. Most importantly it is very easy to setup. During the setup, you can decide the layout you want and other customizations based on the products you are about to sell.

It lets you make payments in a secure way and it allows you to have more organized product pages. Since the platform is built in an SEO friendly way, getting high search engine rankings won’t be an issue. Modern technologies can be seamlessly integrated with the platform and a 24/7 support team is available for your assistance.

Finding a Shopify development company is the one thing that should be done carefully. Because a wrong choice can lead to the failure of your online store. The developers in the agency must possess excellent communication skills to understand your requirements. They must have a nice portfolio and a large customer base. You can find such companies from Google or other websites like Clutch, Upwork, etc.

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