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WordPress is one of the most appealing free web hosting sites to many user of WordPress. There are about 415,274 worldwide users of, who will never deny the benefits of getting a free hosting at this site. The extended use of this site, it is no longer only a blog to the bloggers.

As we, all know that the WordPress is an excellent option, but what do should we do if there is an existing HTML site with excellent and loving CSS template? The question arises, whether is it possible to convert the existing HTML template to a WordPress site with the desired design and power? We can tell something to you about this.

The codes are, actually, same for both HTML and WordPress; it just need to recognize where the codes are…

HTML to WordPress Conversion Process:

There are several splits of a WordPress template php files namely- content, footer, header, and sidebar. Anyone can easily know about the secret lying between the WordPress themes if he/she takes a good look at the current WordPress theme. The starting point will be the index page of the site; let us consider the codes of this section. The index.php first calls the header.php where the HTML tags, site title, Meta title and tags, as well as logo appear. The next targeted area is content php codes; in terms of WordPress it is ‘loop’. There is sidebar.php as well as footer.php at the same place. The codes are just inside the files, which develops those sections.

Pay attention to the ‘div’ tags, which cover all the elements of the page. Currently, HTML development is mostly based on div tags in replace of tables. Most of the div tags have common CSS style selector or label that can wither be a class (.) or an ID (#). Another file, called as style.css defines all these styles. Take a closer look to match the CSS style with the similar div tags.

Any with HTML practices, who is expert in dealing with the codes of WordPress too, can easily paste the codes from HTML to WordPress theme. It is also required to add similar type of format into style.css as it was in each div tag. Conversion for HTML to WordPress also needs a good approach is to wrap the php codes carefully, which is just between the div tags. Make sure that the beginning div tag matches the ending div tag. Do not worry, if you can’t find yourself while working; make use of your browser to double check the source codes. Div tag opens in the header.php and closes in the footer.php. It is important to remember the semantics as soon as the techie stuff is in place.

People often ask, is there any chance of losing current traffic and page rank if the website is converted into WordPress? Before moving to the new website, the 301 redirects must be ready until it establishes with the changes. Because, WordPress will create new URLs for your website materials though the pages are exactly same. The job of redirects is to guide the traffics to the new website with the old URL as well as letting the search engine know that the website is moved to a new address. There is no such panic that tour website traffic may get lost as the search engine goes according to the redirects. After creating all the redirects, put your site in a temporary location, and make a move of everything in your new domain at the same time.

That is all you need to convert a website from HTML to WordPress. It is easier but help from a professional web designer to convert the HTML to WordPress will bring a better result if you think you cannot handle that.

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  1. scientific_method says:

    It sounds like the conversion from HTML to WordPress is fairly easy, but as a professional with very little extra time, it is good to know that there are web designers who can do this type of conversion quickly and efficiently. It is definitely worth investing in expert help to make sure a professional website is converted properly.

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