How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Freelance Web Designer in London, UK?

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Tips to hire a freelance web designer in London, UK!

Right this moment, there are 1.4 million people who work as freelancers in the United Kingdom.  However, the standard rates for freelancers, especially web designers is still unknown to most people in the industry.

Rates can depend on location as well as experience and quality of work needed by potential clients.

However, one can ask, what they ought to pay for a full website?  How would you get the best rates in terms of your business?

Cost Calculations for Freelance Web Designing in London, UK

Fortunately, this article is for those in need of information regarding the costs of web design as a whole.  Please continue reading to learn more about it.

Service prices are dependent upon price averages within each agency.  These can only be used for estimates.  To get accurate quote, contact your target designer.

Why Should You Hire A Freelancer For Web Design in London?

For Convenience

Freelancers are usually hired for the sake of convenience.  Getting someone who doesn’t need to sign an official contract to get the job done will have less complications and commitment from the company as compared to hiring a brand new employee.

Individualized Services

By working with a freelance website designer in London, UK, chances are you would be working with only a single person.

This leads to a more personalized brand of service as well as the freelancer taking much of your wants and needs into consideration prior to beginning the project.  This is a significant factor to consider especially when designing your very own business website.  This is because it will be the first avenue for communication you will have with your potential clients.

Variety of Skills

Freelancers tend to have more skills and a variety of other talents to complement web design as compared to the typical agency designer which are more specialized in terms of skill.  This because many freelancers do not stop learning new sets of abilities.

Because of this, and they become more equipped to handle versatile design projects and customized websites.

More Experience

Freelancers have a wider range of experiences when it comes to web design as opposed to the common agency designer.  Being able to work with different companies as well as varied sectors in society means more flexibility for the freelancer.

This also means that freelance web designers tailor their brand of service to the client’s specific needs.

The Pool of Contacts

Freelancers tend to run in the same circles as their colleagues.  This means that they will be able to collaborate with others effectively in case they don’t know how to work on certain aspects of the project down the line.

The Prospect of Aftercare

Most agencies do offer aftercare services.  However, once the site in question goes live, and when the entire project is essentially finished.  This means that you are going to be most likely relegated to being a non-priority in terms of importance.

You will not get this with a freelancer.  They are always ready to help out whenever necessary.  You can work with them on a short notice without much complaint.  These benefits are all part of being individualized in terms of instruction and the help that they offer.

Factors That Affect Freelancer Rates

There are many known factors that can affect the amount of money that freelancers can ask for when it comes to charging for projects.  If you are a freelancer, these factors can help you figure out how much you should charge per project.  Here they are as follows:

1. What You Want

When planning the website design, you should be aware of what the client wants as opposed to what you want to put into the site.  You can do a simple design or something that can add additional pizzazz to the website.

If you choose to do the former, expect a lower amount of payment as soon as the project is finished.  A website with far more value in terms of design such as business functionality, the number of pages involved or created and overall design scheme can definitely provide you with a much higher income opportunity.

In the same manner, a website with an HTML5 algorithm with many of the dynamic and responsive content elements will surely cost more than a simply designed website that has a content manager.

The freelancer should be appraised of the situation right away.  Be aware of what you want can save you time and money both as a freelancer and a client.

2. The Project Length

Would you need a simple fix or a complete overhaul of the website?  These will of course vary in cost.  If you have a larger project at hand, it would be best to have been agreed upon amount right off the bat. This way, you will not end up paying extra for additional hours in case the project goes over the deadline.

Skills and Level of Experience

Just like with other industries, the freelancer skills and experience in the field can change the amount of money they charge for the project. You should expect to pay lower for junior designers and higher for more experienced professionals.

1. Tax

Being self-employed, you have to be aware of how to pay your taxes effectively. This will sometimes affect a client’s costing if a freelancer suddenly decides to increase his fee just to meet the tax demands and increase his overall pay at the same time.  This is pretty common however, for both clients and freelancers. They have to be aware of this especially if the company is working with a strict budget.

2. Price

Generally speaking, the rates for an independent web design entity is much lower than a larger company.  This is because of the greater overhead cost of working with an organization.


Traditionally speaking, freelancers are paid by the hour until the project is done.  However, this has been proven to be quite costly especially with the increasing numbers of extra hours piling up as a project goes on.

This holds true if revisions are constantly needed because of unsatisfactory results.  The cost of potential revisions as well as edits and additional changes should be added up before reaching an agreement for the hourly rates.


If you want to hire a freelancer who can work with you directly in the physical sense, be prepared to be charged daily.  However, many web designers choose to work from home in their own space.

Searching for someone to be physically present can end up adding more costs per project because freelancers wouldn’t know how your company works from the inside.  They will need Internet access and additional firewall privileges.  They can become a nuisance for your team.  These factors may become hindrances to the success of the project in terms of progress which can therefore cost you more money.

The Costing: Freelance Web Designing

1. Project Based

This is one of the safest ways for you to pay a freelancer.  When trying to look for a web designer, you should consider the size of your future website.

For a larger jobs, freelancers can charge for the whole project.  This may seem more expensive at first but eventually, the client will see how they can save more money by doing this compared to paying an hourly rate.  With project-based payments, you won’t have to pay for overtime.  You will also have a much better upfront rate for the whole package.

Per Page 

This is slightly less common compared to hourly payments.  It is also often connected with larger web design projects.  As a freelancer, you would have to be paid for each page that you do.  This means bigger payments for larger websites and much smaller fees for similarly sized pages as well.  Oftentimes, you have to pay for the whole project if you have a website with a lot of pages.  You can pay hourly rates for smaller jobs.

What Is The Expected Payment For Freelancers?

Depending on the web designer, they may offer you an hourly structure in terms of payment or a full package proposal aligned with specific objectives.

Hourly rates may vary as well.  A fledgling web designer can go as low as £20 per hour while an experienced designer may go as high as £50 to £75.

Package prices for website delivery begin with low hundreds and can reach up to thousands of pounds.

It depends on the complexity of the project and your requirements as a client.  You should discuss this with your preferred provider.

Finding the right fit in terms of web development companies could be extremely tricky.  Fortunately, you can use this handy instructional article to find the best within the United Kingdom.

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