Choose Your Free Ecommerce WordPress Plugins

The boom of the e-commerce industry hinges and lies on the continued and sustained online selling. Amazon and eBay are among the many platforms of online selling which has been flourishing in their niche. WordPress plugins joins the field when it offered its top of the line and effective online selling technique which has coined the term of E-Commerce WordPress plugins.

This article will tackle the Best 6 Free Ecommerce WordPress Plugins available. Read on and choose thoroughly which will satiate your needs as an online seller and which will meet the demand of your online consumer.

1- WP E-Commerce Plugin

The commonly known because of its user friendly interface and several personalization available options. Because of its simplicity, it captured the hearts of WordPress users who find this plugins easy to incorporate with their blogs. It has flexible payment methods—manager check, PayPal and the likes.

2- Jigoshop WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

This is usually employed by experienced online sellers who wanted to widen their target market and to advertise their offered products or services. This plugin has a special feature wherein you can categorize your products so as to organize your presentation.

3- Cart66 Lite

Termed as simple in nature yet complex in its features and offerings. It has a unique shipment and currency feature that differentiates it from the other plugins—appropriate if you are into global online selling. You can also connect with other forms of marketing through this plugins.

4- Quick Shop Plugin

It brags of its shopping cart option that you can activate by putting an additional sidebar. It has built-in PayPal, email notifications features and TinyMCE button that enable you to add your products on a page.

5- YAK Shopping Cart Plugin

This enables you to synchronize your blog with your products, site and your sale. This is in addition to its flexi-payment like checks, credit cards, PayPal and the like and flexi-shipment capabilities.

6- EShop Plugin

It has simple features and access without compromising its customization abilities. You can choose from a variety of ways to list products and to accept payments as well as monitor your sale and outgoing items.

2 thoughts on “Choose Your Free Ecommerce WordPress Plugins

  1. scientific_method says:

    Excellent! Even if a business has an on-ground presence, they absolutely should sink effort into an e-commerce branch. E-commerce can reach people globally and is extremely cost effective to set up and maintain. With these free apps, it will make the initial set up and continuous maintenance of the e-commerce site fairly painless. I know I will be using at least one of these apps in the near future!

  2. This is an exciting list of free e-commerce wordpress plugins for any business looking into selling products or upgrading their current selling platform. With various options and degree of complexity, you have truly put together a list that beginners as well as more advanced users can work with. We often think that it can be expensive to set up an e-commerce site but you have proven that it can be done in a professional way, for free!

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