How to Find Balance on Your Product Packaging Design

packaging design tips

Product packages, at one time, was just a container and labels with a description of the contents. It is a different story now. There are new products releasing in the market each week. It is very challenging to make a product package unique and easily identifiable. If the packaging is not innovative, there are risks of the product getting lost in the crowd.  The following tips should help create inspiring package designs.

Basic Design tips for product packaging

Keep the package design simple:

Consumers don’t have the time or patience to understand what you are trying to convey. Therefore, you should use a minimal package design and make sure it conveys what is inside.

Think differently:

Design the package differently.  It should focus on what the content holds, and the target audience must notice and accept it.

Keep the consumer guessing:

Let the design not reveal everything. Keep it in such a way, the consumer reaches out to it with curiosity and give a second look.

Keep it flexible and adaptable:

Products can come in different forms. Your package design must easily fit and suit the package whatever its shape or size.

Target your consumers:

Deliberate upon the product. Who will use it? It must engage them and make them reach out to your product.

Maintain quality of:

Keep the package durable and recyclable. Some product packages usually are thrown away in the garbage when the user opens it. Create packages that are reusable somewhere to keep your design live and noticed.

Let it maintain continuity:

Products pass through various stages requiring different components. Let your package design tell the story. From the origins to the end-user.

Use bright colors:

Choose colors that match what the product is all about. Bright and lively colors will catch the eye easily.

There are many package design options available. It is a gateway to the end-product. A great product will fade away into oblivion if the packaging is not catchy.

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